WEEE Recycling

WEEE Ireland is a not for profit organisation, committed to delivering cost effective compliance on behalf of our Producer Members.

80% of the raw materials that are recovered from large household appliances go to recycling and to be reused.

WEEE Ireland represents 96% of the Irish battery industry and 74% of the household electrical and electronic industry who have a Producer responsibility under EU Battery Directive 2006/66/EC & WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU to organise and finance the environmental management of their products at their end of life.

WEEE Ireland has been operational since 2005 and has been the Scheme of choice in Ireland maintaining majority market share across all sectors. WEEE Ireland operates under the approval of the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

In line with government directive and Irish law, we have added the price of recycling your purchased product into the cost.  The prices vary from each category but here is a table to outline each category that we sell, that you pay for.

CFL/Fluorescent/LED light bulbs0.04c
LED Light fittings0.04
Small Appliances 
Large Appliances5€

Did you know?

Your local WEEE registered retailer or wholesaler can take your appliances, light bulbs and batteries, at no cost?  This is because you have already paid for the recycling on this product!  They then call WEEE and arrange a collection for the items to go to recycling centres.